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  • Welsh Cakes
    Welsh Cakes
    Walking the line between pancake and biscuit, these soft, tender cakes are studded with raisins and showered with…

    Quick and Easy

  • Fruit-Nut Toaster Cakes
    Fruit-Nut Toaster Cakes
    Tasty, healthy, and convenient - these are hard to beat. Make them on a weekend, freeze, then toast for warm weekday…

    Whole Grain

  • Crumpets
    Moist, dense, golden toaster cakes, full of holes for collecting and holding melted butter.

  • Butter Pecan Toaster Cakes
    Butter Pecan Toaster Cakes
    Soft and tender breakfast cakes — think toaster corncakes, but butter pecan!

    Quick and Easy