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  • A Quick Cassoulet
    A Quick Cassoulet
    Traditional French cassoulet has meat and beans simmered slowly for a hearty and filling winter meal.

    Dairy Free

  • Potato Focaccia
    Potato Focaccia
    A pizza-like round flatbread topped with a layer of crispy, herbed potatoes.

    Dairy Free

  • PDQ* Onion Rye Bread
    PDQ* Onion Rye Bread
    A quick and easy onion rye bread, great for toast, with soup, or for sandwiches.

    Whole Grain, Quick and Easy

  • Sour Cream Rye Muffins
    Sour Cream Rye Muffins
    Easy rye muffins to satisfy your craving for rye bread without the extra work.

    Quick and Easy

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