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  • Eggnog Cookies
    Eggnog Cookies
    Thin, crisp rollout cookies feature the holiday flavor of eggnog.

  • Eggnog Fudge
    Eggnog Fudge
    A rich and creamy confection for sharing and gift-giving.


  • Shortbread
    This crisp, light-gold cookie is a classic British teatime treat. For easiest preparation, shortbreads are baked…

    Quick and Easy

  • Refrigerator Fruit and Nut Cookies
    Refrigerator Fruit and Nut Cookies
    Fruitcake fruits and pistachios are featured in this vanilla/eggnog-scented cookie.

    Quick and Easy

  • Eggnog Mini Cakes
    Eggnog Mini Cakes
    Bite-sized, eggnog-flavored mini cakes that transform the favorite holiday drink into a favorite holiday dessert.

    Quick and Easy