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  • Spelt Muffins
    Spelt Muffins
    Spelt muffins with a wonderful nutty flavor; spelt offers a higher fat and protein content than…

    Whole Grain, Quick and Easy

  • Spelt Pita
    Spelt Pita
    Pocket breads made with 100% spelt flour, perfect for sandwiches, salads, and dipping.

    Whole Grain, Dairy Free

  • Spelt Biscuits
    Spelt Biscuits
    Wheat-free biscuits made with oil and water, great for people with allergies.

    Whole Grain, Dairy Free, Quick and Easy

  • Dark Chocolate and Sunflower Spelt Scones
    Dark Chocolate and Sunflower Spelt Scones
    Tender scones made with whole spelt flour, studded with sunflower seeds and dark chocolate.

    Whole Grain