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Harvest Grains Blend...

Harvest Grains Blend - 2 lb.

Enjoy this ultra-high fiber, easy-to-use mixture of seeds and grains (whole and flaked) in your favorite recipes.

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The Baking Sheet:...

The Baking Sheet: 2011

If you love baking, this CD is a bountiful source of exclusive, tested recipes that we know youíll love.

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Baker's Ammonia ...

Baker's Ammonia (Ammonium Carbonate) - 2.7 oz.

Baker’s ammonia (ammonium carbonate) is a classic leavener, called for in your grandmother’s or great-grandmother's recipes.

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Non-Diastatic Malt...

Non-Diastatic Malt Powder - 16 oz.

The key ingredient in New York bagels, the country's best.

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Maldon Crystal Sea...

Maldon Crystal Sea Salt - 8.5 oz.

An all-natural, no-additive sea salt dried into delicate crystalline, pyramid-shaped flakes.

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Whole Flax Seed - 16...

Whole Flax Seed - 16 oz.

Rich in protein, fiber, and Omega-3 fatty acids, flax is a nutritional powerhouse.

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King Arthur Italian...

King Arthur Italian-Style Flour - 3 lb.

Our American clone of Italian 00 flour, perfect for a wide variety of tasty pizzas and Italian flatbreads.

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